About Us


Moov Electric arrives as the UK begins to join the global urban mobility revolution. Across the globe, transport is one of the largest sources of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. The time for cleaner, sustainable methods of transportation, is upon us.

Electric scooters and electric bikes play a vital role in supporting a sustainable urban mobility revolution, and that’s where Moov Electric comes in.

Moov Electric is delighted to bring innovative and imaginative design to the UK in the form of Ducati, Ducati Scrambler, Lamborghini, Nanrobot, 8TEV, Jeep, AER Electric, Argento, Alfa Romeo and Aprilia. We strive to bring you the best micro-mobility products, with modern, sleek design and expert functionality.   


It’s time to ‘JOIN THE MOOVMENT’

A note from the Moov Electric Team:
It is important to note, that at present, the UK government limits the use of electric scooters to private land only. The UK remains one of the only countries in Europe that is yet to legalize the use of electric scooters on roads and cycle paths.

It is Moov Electric’s opinion, that electric scooters should be treated in the same way we use bicycles and electric bikes across the UK. Rental trials are underway across the UK which is a positive step in what is that right direction.

Electric scooters provide a low-cost, accessible and environmentally friendly method of transportation. In a world where social distancing is encouraged, urban mobility provides a healthy, safe and sustainable method of travel.