Swifty Scooters

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Built to ride, designed to roll.

Founded in 2010 by design duo Jason and Camilla Iftakhar, Swifty Scooters produces alternative sports products with a mission to bring fun and adventure to urban life.

Their story began in London when Jason Iftakhar designed the world's first premium foldable adult kick-scooter, SwiftyONE MK1. They used the early prototypes to navigate the streets of London, and quickly discovered the freedom and versatility of travel with this two-wheeled foldable dream machine.

With a mission to inspire healthier journeys, Swifty inspires many people to swap short car journeys with this infinitely more fun and sustainable mode. In 2017 the Swifty-electric range was also added into the mix, the signature 16” wheels and elegant design, providing a smooth and stable ride, unlike any other scooter on the market.

Moov Electric are delighted to stock the SwiftyONE-e and the SwiftyAIR-e. Incredible British design that allows you to effortlessly glide uphill and freewheel down. Perfect for the rider that wants the option to use a kick-scooter and e-scooter. No fears if you run out of charge as you can easily kick your way home!