AER Electric


Introducing the AER 557. The electric scooter gets real. Clean, quiet electric transport is where we're all going. 

Ride AER 557 - the scooter for the e-generation.

Every detail of the AER 557 is the result of innovative UK design and perfectionist German engineering. This is a scooter built for serious travel and optimum performance.

  • £1 million invested in design and development, the scooter reinvented
  • 20-inch wheels with high performance Schwalbe tyres glide over every bump
  • Wide anti-slip bamboo deck. Stand tall and find your safest, most comfortable riding position
  • Wide ergonomic SQ Lab handlebars with award-winning grips
  • Strong, light, flexible aluminium hydroformed frame acts as the scooter's suspension
  • Intelligent drive system featuring GPS and built-in immobiliser

Moov Electric is delighted to be appointed one of the official retailer's of the AER 557. Pre-Orders will open soon, with the scooters arriving in April. 

Use the contact form below to register your interest in the revolutionary AER 557. 

AER Electric Scooter