ARGENTO E-MOBILITY is at the forefront of the sustainable mobility revolution. It is a new way of thinking about the way we live our life in the city, to get around while reducing the impact we have on the environment and those around us.

Electric micro mobility is in fact the ideal solution for maintaining an active lifestyle, while helping to solve the problems related to motorised mobility, without negatively impacting on the effectiveness of daily trips.

Argento E-Mobility is aimed at offering an alternative for everyday trips to non-professional users who are looking for an alternative means of transport for everyday trips, improving their quality of life, while respecting the environment.

Cycling becomes:

  • Fun because the electric motor will allow to travel longer distances with less effort.
  • Stylish because our Italian Style Center is always up to date on the latest trends which allow to give the products a modern and fresh design.
  • Green because the electric motor is zero pollution. Did you know that the most important environmental impact of a bicycle is the painting technique? Sand painting has an incredibly significant environmental impact. Instead, our water painting is totally green, without compromising the colour rendering and enabling them to remains vivid, bright and resistant to shocks and climatic agents.