E-Scooters for Commercial Use

Four e-scooters image

E-scooters are a fantastic solution for large commercial sites. If you have long distances to travel on a large site and the site is built on private land, e-scooters can be an efficient, eco-friendly and speedy way to get around the site.

  • Factories
  • Distribution Centres & Warehouses
  • Farm and large land estates
  • Industrial sites
  • Large construction sites
  • Hotels
  • Universities

We have e-scooters suited for all scenarios, including off-road, uneven surfaces, hills, gravel, beach- you name it. We exclusively distribute and sell 12 brands in the UK so can source the perfect models for your needs. 

We can provide a bespoke proposal for your commercial site, that includes larger quantities of scooters or a variety of models. We can also create a tailored proposal that includes a mix of e-scooters and e-bikes.

Please use the contact form below or email us at info@moovelectric.co.uk so we can better understand your needs.