Bike insurance

E-Bike insurance - powered by Bikmo 

We’re delighted to partner with Bikmo to offer you comprehensive insurance for your e-bike. With Bikmo you can insure your e-bike against theft, damage and accidents.

Why should I insure my bike?

A new bike will often be one of, if not the biggest investment you’ll make this year, and may even be one of the single largest purchases you’ll make behind a house, car and maybe a new tv.

If you’ve invested a significant sum of money in a new bike, you’ll want to look after it. Potholes, crashes or opportunist thieves can’t always be avoided, but with Bikmo cycle insurance, you can enjoy riding with total peace of mind.

Riders worry most about their bike being stolen, but Bikmo’s claims data, which is publicly available via their Project Open (, shows that you’re just a likely, if not more likely to make a claim for accidental damage than theft. The cost of damage can be anything from a minor repair to a new bike.


The good news is you can insure your bike for as little as £3.73 per month** or if you have bought a bike within the last 7 days you can register for 14 days free insurance, just follow the links below. 

What does Bikmo Cycle Insurance cover? 

14 days FREE Insurance on all new bikes.

Once you get hold of your new bike, worry free riding can start straight away.

Any new bike purchased from Moov Electric qualifies for 14 days FREE insurance, which covers your bike for accidental damage and theft. If something happens, Bikmo will replace your bike new-for-old. The cover does not automatically renew and no payment details are required to activate your cover.

Apply for 14 days free e-bike insurance now

How it works 

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Moov Electric holds no responsibility or liability for this product. Bikmo Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ref: 745230.