8TEV Programming key

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Your scooter will be set to a standard programme due to different countries e-scooter regulations. This is 25km/h as per many EU regulations. 

The programming key will allow you to reprogram your scooter to increase the acceleration, speed and performance of your scooter.

Top speed would be 32kph/20mph based on a rider 12st/76kg riding the scooter on flat ground.

The cost is listed at £50. Once ordered, we will ship you the USB, cable and instructions to make the adjustments. You then have the opportunity to return the USB and cable to us in a prepaid envelope for a £25 refund. 

This USB currently only works for the newer edition of the B12 and B10, not the 2020 edition. 

Please note that e-scooters remain illegal for use on cycle lanes and roads in the UK. When using your e-scooter on private land, you can use this tool to increase the speed. 

If you have questions, please email us on service@moovelecric.co.uk.