Swifty GO GT500 Stand-On Moped

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Additional Information

Transform your journey with the Swifty GO GT500 Stand-On Moped. Built for on-road riding in the UK, discover the beautiful feeling and ease of riding this revolutionary UK road-legal electric scooter.

Designed with a commitment to rider safety and battery safety, the GT500 is optimised for your enjoyment. The distinctive 16-inch wheels and dual suspension provides unrivalled stability and control, while the intrinsically safe LFP battery provides peace of mind and extremely low cost power for your journey. Discover freedom and independence with the UK approved GT500 Stand-On Moped.

The GT500 is made to order and currently only available in the UK. Pre-order now to join the waiting list. Estimated delivery date is July 2024

Pre-order Terms & Conditions

• To secure your spot on the exclusive waiting list for the SwiftyGO series, a deposit or full payment is necessary.
• This deposit is fully refundable in the event of order cancellation.
• You have the flexibility to modify or amend your order prior to shipment.
• We'll maintain regular communication via email to update you on the estimated delivery date and when the final balance will be due.
• To Pre-Order, use the code SWIFTYMOOV50 at check out to pay 50% deposit only

FAQs and Legals

Attention: This vehicle is certified by the DVSA and is subject to UK road laws, road regulations & traffic acts

General Information

• A Motorbike helmet must be worn when operating this vehicle on UK roads
• This is a registered vehicle with the DVLA • Maximum permitted speed is 28mph
• Maximum permitted Power output is 4000Watts
• This Vehicle may be used on UK roads that do not have a minimum speed of above 30mph
• This Vehicle may ONLY be used on roads in the UK Vehicle Requirements
• Valid Vehicle Insurance
• Valid Vehicle Road Tax
• Valid Vehicle MOT
• Vehicle Number Plate attached to the approved location

Operator Requirements

• The Operator of this vehicle must possess one or more of the below: • Full Vehicle Driving License with the AM Category
 • Be of the minimum age permitted by the insurer and hold a provisional Vehicle driving license • Successfully completed Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) • Passed practical and theoretical tests associated with the CBT
Motor Insurance

• Details of the insurance offering with our chosen partner, eavi are being finalised.
• They are a specialist provider of electric vehicle and micro mobility insurance.
• We’re told to expect premiums that will be in a similar pricing bracket to an annual e-moped policy.

Essential Features


Certified within the L1e vehicle category as a Stand-On Moped, the GT500 is equipped with safety features required for on-road riding. The stable geometry, 16-inch wheels and dual suspension ensure a flowy and safe ride, while the lights, indicators, tyres, brakes, horn adhere to stringent moped standards. A CBT license and motor insurance is required, and a motorcycle helmet must be worn.


Leading the way in battery safety, the Swifty GO is the only electric scooter equipped with an LFP battery (Lithium Ferro Phosphate). LFP is not prone to thermal runaway, making the Swifty GO battery one of the safest on the market. The 15Ah LFP battery powers a 500W motor providing 25 miles of range, costing you an astonishing £0.006 per mile. 


Customise your ride to meet your needs. Share the load and utilise the front and rear pannier racks which provide 20kg of cargo capacity. The front pannier is ideal for a laptop bag or rucksack, while the rear pannier can hold 7.5 litre bags on each side for groceries, your lock and any waterproofs!


The Swifty GO electric scooters are built to ride and built to last. Easy to repair and maintain, as the design incorporates standardised components that are readily available. Wherever you are in the world, your Swifty GO can be serviced by your local bike shop.

Technical Information

Speed - 24 mph (37km)

Range- Single battery 12.4m (20km)/ Dual battery 40km (24.8km)

Weight - SwiftyGO GT500 34kgs (74lbs) Max rider weight- SwiftyGO GT500 120kgs (264lbs)

Batteries- 36v LPF inherently safe chemistry, single 7.5Ah or dual option 15Ah, 3000 charge cycles, Certified to UN38.3 Battery management- Enables dual batteries to be used at the same time.

Charger- 5Ah LFP 43.8v fast charger. Charges both batteries independently at same time. Reverse, over and under current protection. Certified to safety standard IEC/EN60335, IEC / UL62368. Certified to EMC standard: FCC Part15,Class B , EN55032,EN55014

Motor- 500w (740W Peak) 60N.m torque, geared motor certification CE/RoHS/EN15194, IP65

Controller- 23A controller, sin wave, CAN enabled, soft start function, limited to 23 mph
Throttle and display- Half twist throttle with kill switch, five modes, eco, mid, high, hill climb and limited 15.5mph mode.
Brakes- Tektro cable dual piston or Hydraulic four piston disk brake options, Front disk 160mm or 180mm rear disk 160mm Front light- 12v, 8w, 800 lumen 200 Lux, IP68, approved for L1e-A/B Rear Light- 12v
Tail light, rear brake and licence plate light, IP67, approved for L1e-A/B, e-mark approved

Indicators- Left and right thumb operated toggle switch for front and rear indicators, 12v, e-marked, hazard warning indicator function.

Frame- Steel frame with 60mm tubing, 2mm structural armour plated battery shell, colour options available

Front Fork Suspension- Coil spring system, with adjustable preload and mechanical lock-out system. Travel 30mm. Steering lock for GT500 Rear fork- Steel tube construction, with kickstand mounting points, disk brake mount

Rear suspension- Air ride suspension with adjustable pressure and ride height. Folding stem- Black alloy folding stem with height adjustment Stem- 3D forged alloy, twist 90 degrees left or right for ultra slim storage. Extension 75mm, bore 31.8mm, Tested to DIN EN ISO 15194 Bars- Comfort bars, 640mm wide, 31.8 bore, 6160-T6 Alloy, Tested to DIN EN ISO4210 Grips- Dura cork, Black or Tan leather option

Mudguards- Steel 50mm wide black as standard, colour options available.

Front wheel- Single wall steel wide rim, rivet nipple holes, 28 spokes, cartridge bearings, quick release

Rear wheel- Single wall steel wide rim, rivet nipple holes, 28 spokes, Electric hub motor
Tyres- Schwalbe Pickup 16 inch 305mm x 2.15 E-Mark approved Max 60 PSI

Footplate- 18mm Birch plywood available in Blond, Black or Oak colour options.

Grip Tape- Black as standard printed colours and graphics options available.

Front pannier- Laptop pannier with plywood base or tray pannier option, max load 10kgs

Rear pannier- Dual rail with plywood top, Max load 10kgs, will accept dual 15L pannier bags.


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